Why Many Internet Marketers are Failing Today.

Many a time I have encountered internet marketers with barrage of questions on how they can be able to have success online. I very much understand the pains and frustrations because I have been in such situation and those hard lessons have helped me greatly identify what needs to be done to be really successful online. There is so much upheaval which i classify as a rat race within the industry with so many internet marketers doing virtually the same thing and not being able to scale up which comes down to certain factors, which brings me to the topic – Why Many Internet Marketers are Failing Today.

Looking at what I have outlined as common mistakes most internet marketers make, it cannot be far-fetched from the basic truth and until these factors are well addressed, the norm will be hard to abate.


Virtually everybody wants quick success. With so many opportunities being pushed out there on the internet, it has become so easy to access information on the web and so the average online entrepreneur goes to jump at every opportunity he/she sees believing that it is the next big thing.

So many have gotten their fingers burnt and still are getting their fingers burnt, no thanks to a well orchestrated scammers especially in the cryptocurency industry who over promise and end up shutting down their websites, running away with innocent people’s money


To be successful in the online world, you need to be patient and that works well with you being consistent within your niche. Large number of these individuals lose focus on their goals without proper direction on what to promote or how to go about their online business. Consistency entails showing up on social media with valuable content because people watch closely and want to relate with someone who is very well consistent.


Not having a social media strategy is a major factor militating the efforts of internet marketers. It’s difficult to achieve maximum result when you are using every social media platform to promote your business, except you are exceptionally good but not when you are basically new in the business. Using LinkedIn can’t be in the same form when you promote your business on twitter, Facebook or twitter because they all have different models and approach at which you can use them.


To be successful online, you need a website that enables you to brand yourself and niche. Unfortunately, this is not so with many marketers. There is limitations to the extent you can go with your affiliate links as i believe a few percentage of online marketers do find success with their affiliate links. Content marketing infused as a blog gives you a big edge and that is because whatever you are selling is literally positioned to your audience.


This a bane for many out there. Consuming every information put in front of you is bad for business, because this definitely will lead you to a confused state. You lose focus believing every one of them can be useful. As much as they might be good, you really don’t need them all. My advice is you go to your email and unsubscribe to those ones you think are not too relevant.

Spending too much on Traffic without result. I have come across newbies on social media confused and frustrated not getting the required result from the traffic source they used. It is either they spent too or not knowing which traffic source to use. Well, this is often the case and i can only tell you this, before thinking of using paid traffic, use the organic method first by giving good content and value building relationship on social media platforms and if you ever want to use paid traffic, i recommend FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE ADWORDS.

When you find success and make money with a particular method, be sure to focus closely on its potential because that is where you will have to concentrate most of your time and energy. Devote more time towards its development than any other online niche. Avoid being blinded by the initial excitement of “finding a needle in the haystack” because the thrill will one day wear off and you wouldn’t want to go back looking for another “needle in the haystack”.




If you really want to dominate in the industry, then you just have to take advantage of that little earnings you made and re-invest on yourself improving on those skills that you know you are lacking.

      • Start writing
      • Start creating videos
      • Start making podcast
      • Brand yourself rather than sell your links
      • Stop making excuses
      • Stay Focused

The online space is literally available for you to succeed only if you make up your mind to do what is right, no matter the number of internet marketers out there. Just like you have tons of musical artists, footballers, the ones who dominate the scene are the ones who consistently practice day and night to move a step further by failing forward.

Your method might not seem to be perfect because it just won’t, but capitalizing its power to the best of your ability will see you achieving tremendous result so rewarding you will appreciate it.

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