5 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make on Social Media


There is a reason why successful network marketers keep succeeding far beyond those that are struggling in this present day. And so, it gets many a network marketer still finding their feet bewildered with little clue as to how to scale up.  We are often told that everyone is a prospect on social media to get them involved in your network marketing biz opp. But alas, I beg to disagree on that notion because not “everybody” is a prospect. Doing that will lead to total rejection on you and the offer you are proposing which will In turn get you spewed with disappointment. This act, so many have gotten their Facebook accounts blocked just on the basis of adding lots of people to join their business and yours faithfully have been there, done that. It may have worked for a few but I speak about the over 90% who are not having success in the industry.

The questions I ask however is, how have you (The so called upline) being able to go beyond the MLM opportunity, to help the new prospect with video tutorials on what to do? How much of their pain do you understand and how to solve that problem? It goes beyond wanting the fast start bonus and off you go with your business and looking for the next person to recruit.

The five common mistakes network marketers make

  1. Lost in Value Provision Outside your MLM –

    What has become a norm on social media these days has been literally individuals trying to recruit by every means necessary without providing great value to those they are prospecting. To stand out and attain success, you need to come up with a method of sharing valuable information that will help people. The reason why people go to the internet is to find solution and when you are found to be that key personality solving problems, believe me you will have a large follower-ship that want what you are offering. Prospecting on Facebook is not enough and can never be enough because you need key indices and components to be able to be at the top. Have you thought of showing them how to use video to build their business? How about the need for a sales funnel? How to drive traffic to their capture page? How about making them understand the importance of branding themselves?

To have success as a network marketer through the social media, I will recommend you go through this free training from a man i really respect in the person of Eric Worre “SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NETWORK MARKETING”. This will change your mind set to grow, and build your business 10x more.

So make it a priority to give out value on a consistent basis to build trust on the long run.

  1. Not visible enough –

    Your lack of visibility on social media and lack of conversation reduces the value of your social media presence and this makes you not to build solid relationship. Be active and be noticed, this will get you to be trusted by industry watchers.

  2. Narrow your niche market –

    Let me reiterate again that everybody is not a prospect. What u need is to find people within your niche and engage with them by building good relationship . This is one major set backs most Network marketers tend to make.

  3. Trying to sell your opportunity too fast too often –

    Another blunder hovering on social media. What i call pitching or spamming of affiliate links too fast without letting the prospects to request for your offer. This does not portray professionalism on your part as this will in no doubt repel your audience from joining your business opportunity.

  4.  Unprofessional Follow Up Method-

    Most professional network marketers know that the best way to build a large team is by having a list of loyal subscribers to their autoresponders. The next thing they do is ensure an automated campaign is set up to follow up on their prospects by giving valuable content that will serve them a greater purpose.  This is what separates the pros and the rookies apart. You will have a great turn around in your business opportunity with the integration of a good autoresponder to follow up on your leads.




Like I stated earlier, there are reasons why successful network marketers are scaling up in the industry and some of the systems they have put in place are farfetched.  It is no wonder they have gone out to become mindboggling trainers and coaches, reaching out and helping their team to continuously grow. We know the Ray Higdons, Cedric Harris, Maria Andros, Dione Hochman, Holton Boggs, Eric Worre to mention but a few, they all have one thing in common….. Value. Churning out great value without relenting.

You need to set your goals right by identifying those pivotal factors earlier mentioned to put yourself in a position of authority. The social media is a very powerful tool and the proper use of it will no doubt help a great deal. Leave a comment below as to your opinion of this common mistakes. So in conclusion, be professional and build great relationship.


Thank You

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