I will be reeling out my honest opinion about this company in this review so as to act as a guide for anyone who may be thinking of associating himself/ herself with its operational activities. A critical look at Nspire Network Company shows it to be a very fast growing organization with a potential to hit the billion dollar mark in sales arguably in it’s first 5 years of operation.

Founded by 3 amiable young men in the persons of Spencer Iverson, JJ Javier and Joel Medina bringing a combined entrepreneurial and business experience over 50 years having built successful businesses in the past. Their passion and vision to bring about a positive change by empowering women with incisive knowledge as it relates to their health gave birth to NSPIRE NETWORK.

Statistics has it that over 17,000 new members within the United States alone signed up as distributors 48 hours after the company’s website went live and doubled after the much awaited nowweno video was released. It is estimated that, there will be over 200,000 distributors and 1M customers within the United States alone when they host it’s first convention in 2017. At the moment, only the US, Philippine, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island are operational with plans to open in 50 countries in the next 12 months.


The NOW WE NO campaign is the brain child initiated by the company to drive home an aggressive awareness to the whole world by going further to educate, teach and guide the women folks majorly concerning their health. I have no doubt that this is a phenomenal step taken going by the research done on the world’s population of women who are not so aware of some the causes that leads to ailments like cervical cancer, the discomfort they face during their periodical cycle , the excruciating pain they experience when having cramps. As a husband and a man, this no doubt got my attention as i truly believe this is a good cause for the benefit of mankind by saving the lives of these women.

now we know1

Personally i see this as a good opportunity for anyone who wants to delve into this market trend considering the fact that China only last year 2016 produced over 80 billion units of sanitary napkins, if you do the math, then you know what it translates to monetarily making it a billion dollar industry. 49.6% of the world’s population is female which gives us about 3.52 billion and with the population of women in the US estimated at 162M as at 2014, over 70% of the women in the US use Tampons. 2015 census count has the following statistics of females in the US and age bracket.


  • 12-17 (25M)
  • 18-24 (31.2)
  • 25-34 (44.1M)
  • 35-44 (40M)
  • 45-54 (43.2)


  • 18-29 (53.7M)
  • 18-34 (75.4M)
  • 18-49 (136.8M)
  • 35-49 (61.4M)

With these little analysis enumerated above, my guts tells me there will be a huge demand for the product if a good marketing strategy is implemented and with the distributor’s drive for success. 


The company has 5 products with the flagship being the sanitary napkin called “CHERISH”  The Sanitary pad business trend is acclaimed to run into billions of dollars in sales all over the world and if you take China’s 85 billion unit production in 2016, it speaks volume at how big the industry is.

However, Nspire’s Cherish premium sanitary napkin is geared towards helping women feel more comfortable during their periodical cycles and have a better understanding about their health as it affects their body. The content in this product has proven to balance PH and hormone levels, helps protect against germs and bacteria, helps to reduce inflammation, fights against vaginal irritations and infections and reduces unwanted odor.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of this product line shows it to have a compact 8 layer high level absorbance capacity with the first being 100% pure cotton to the 8th layer which is the release paper that contains an agricultural grade adhesive for security. To read more on this product, you can check here  More On Cherish

Other products includes

  1. EMPOWER TESTORSTERONE BOOSTER PLUS             Empower-Glossy-Edited-Cover


  • Naturally Increase Testosterone & Libido Levels
  • Increase Energy
  • Enhance Sexual Drive and Performance
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Increase Exercise Training and Muscle Health
  • Increase Athletic Enhancement
  • Increases Muscle
  • Decreases Fatigue and Increases Energy



BENEFITS    Maxlife-Glossy-Edited-Cover

  • Reduced Frequent Urination Urges
  • Promotes a Great Night’s Sleep
  • Improves Size and Force of Stream
  • Promotes More Complete Emptying of the Bladder
  • Formulated by Urologists to Help Their Patients and Others with Prostate




  • Formulated by Urology Doctors for Their Patients and OthersTaboo-Glossy-Edited-Cover
  • Increases Blood Flow for Better Firmness
  • All Natural Men’s Daily Sexual Supplement
  • More Passion and Energy for Sexual Activity
  • Enhances Performance and Arousal
  • Increases Drive, Stamina and Pleasure
  • Boosts Men’s Libido and Desire





      4. SWEETNESS FOR HER FEMALE SEXUAL ENERGYSweetest-Glossy-Edited-Cover


  • Formulated by Gynecologists for Their Patients and Others
  • All Natural Women’s Daily Sexual Supplement
  • More Passion and Energy for Sexual Activity
  • Enhanced Performance, Arousal and Lubrication
  • Increased Drive, Stamina and Pleasure
  • Boosts Women’s Libido and Desire


5. TOTAL RECALL MEMORY BOOSTER Total-Recall-Glossy-Edited-Cover


  • Memory & Recall Enhancement
  • Less Mental Fatigue and Forgetfulness
  • More Focus, Concentration, and Cognition
  • Reduces Stress with Antidepressant Benefits
  • Improves Quality of Life & Job Performance
  • Improves Quality of Life & Job Performance
  • Academic Enhancement / Learning Habits
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function
  • Designed for Individuals from 18-90 years


The company’s approach to this business is going to be more of a customer centric approach because of the great value it brings to the table. However, it still leaves room for individuals to be distributors with start up cost in 3 categories – $99, $299, $499 and $999 with a monthly membership fee of $35 which is a no brainer when you compare to its competitors in the industry. 40% is paid out to every affiliate from customers purchase of the product. Though the company has 5 different pay out schemes which can be found here Discover the earning potential with Nspire Network


It takes only the brave to recognize a great opportunity and i will say this is one anybody looking to work from home or looking for a home business opportunity to latch on. The video is literally so powerful it sets the tone to the level of confidence the ladies have in the Cherish premium sanitary pad. Most importantly, if ever you have the knack to help a loved one or a friend, this could be what you need to assuage that cause and have a fulfilled accomplishment in life. The company has done a good job by bringing this initiative to the knowledge of numerous females around the world as they inch towards saving lives which to me is highly paramount. 

Overall rating 9/10

If you desire to be part of this company (as it tilts towards its official launch on the 1ST OF MARCH2017) as a distributor or as customer click here NSPIRE THE WORLD 


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