Are you struggling to pull through in your life and your network marketing business? Many run afloat with properly being guided and end getting whipped out from the business circles. Every entrepreneur aspires to be better at what they do and the services they offer but a lot tend to miss out on the big opportunity of becoming more due to some factors.  Well here are my 3Cs that defines what you should look for in a mentor to help develop yourself and grow your empire.

  1. Confidence

    No follower will tag along a supposedly leader who does not exude confidence in himself or herself. This is true because confidence solidifies authority. This is what you should look out for in a mentor. Is he/she able to stem the tide when the team is in disarray, does the lifestyle show confidence? A positive personality is what we crave for in a mentor because that robs off on the performance of those being lead.

    Lack of confidence can hamper someone’s self esteem which can stem from fear or inability to carry out some responsibilities as a leader.

  2. Character

    Good character in leadership commands respect. Besides being trusted, these leaders have the respect of their teams and even the competition. A person with good character is courteous, never demeaning. He is accepting of others and appreciates hearing opposing viewpoints as this is a defining factor. Good character is important in our everyday lives as this is what you need to look out for in a mentor, someone with credibility. Leadership with good character brings a spirit of excellence to a small business. These leaders expect more than the status quo from themselves and the people they lead. This character attribute encourages team members to learn more and do more.

  3. Consistency

    This is as important as the first 2 i mentioned. It is imperative to know that being consistent means matching your words with action and regularly doing what you say you do. You know you are in good hands after doing your due diligence to have found out the track records of your mentor’s activities. This in turn bolsters your confidence rate and the drive to do even better at what you do. Consistency is vital for any business. Your branding, core message, leadership and quality must remain top notch, and so is the communication between you and your mentor. However, A good mentor needs to have the time to talk and interact – if they’re too busy to find time for you, it defeats the purpose and can leave you feeling deflated.


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