We live in a world where most things are really fast paced that we don’t have time to take care of a lot of things and the busy schedule has made over 45% of women not being able able to focus on running businesses from home. Truth of the matter is, there are many opportunities out there that can enable you get started working from home and at a very low budget too. So to elaborate this topic “5 Amazing work from home jobs for stay at moms” here are my recommendations.

  • Become A Freelancer

This gives you an opportunity to exude your skills by offering freelance services and get paid for it. One of the advantages working as a freelancer is that it gives you the opportunity to work at flexible hours, meaning you apply your services whenever you want and where ever you want while attending to family matters. You are your own boss and the best part is you keep all the profits. You can sign up to upwork.com or Fiverr.com to find great opportunities that resonates with your skills and get well paid.

So if you love the freedom lifestyle that work from home gives, then you are in a good position to enjoy that freelancing offering those special service or skills that you have.

  • Publish On Amazon Kindle

Do you have passion for writing and educating people? Publishing books on Amazon kindle can be a good platform to generate good income. It is free to sign up with them and they have excellent customer support where you are guided on the steps on how to publish and market/distribute your books. U.S. Publishing Industry’s Annual Survey Reveals Nearly $28 Billion in Revenue in 2015. This is set for more growth in years to come as publishing companies and Authors keeping emerging. For more information on the revenue statistics, you can check out this article “Publishing Industry Revenue survey”.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time and will continue to be. This has afforded many work from parents accomplish their dreams. So many reputable companies today offer affiliate programs where you get to earn a commission. If you are a people person, then this will best suit you as all you need to do is devote time and share the business information through an affiliate link given to you to the public. Promoting affiliate programs can be done through blogging by mentioning the merchant in your website, sharing educational content through your YouTube videos to drive traffic to your channel.

The story of this Hawaiian mother of 3 will show you how possible it is to succeed from home. This video sums it all up “How A Mother Of 3 Made $12k in 30 days Working From Home”

Other sources where you can find good affiliate marketing programs are Clickbank and maxbounty.com

  • Drop shipping

The eCommerce industry has been making a grand stand in the world and it will continue to be on the rise. This model of business has helped a lot of entrepreneurs get started with little or no money. The best way to get involved setting up an online store will be drop shipping because it is a great way to work from home and is a low risk business model. You will need a website and if you are tech savvy, you can build a website within a few hours. This is why i love drop shipping because you don’t need to stock inventory or run a brick and mortar store. You can literally pick products from different suppliers with great pricing and upload to your website. When a customer sees what he/she likes, you get paid for the item and all you do is contact the supplier and pay them at the price you got the item and pocket your profit. The supplier has the responsibility of shipping the product(s) to the customer.

There are lots of suppliers out there but my top two are Aliexpress.com and Oberlo. However, it is important that you do more research and get more information about other suppliers and who to do business with. You can learn more about drop shipping from a recent oberlo article “HOW TO START A DROP SHIPPING BUSINESS”.

  • Customer Service Representative

Quite a number of companies have created opportunities for Customer service representative jobs to be made available. This has afforded many people to go that route implementing their skills. Companies like Amazon and indeed.com are some of the companies one can get job positions in that mold as long as you meet the requirements. All that is needed is an internet and a laptop/computer to get started.


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