Easy1Up – Why Entrepreneurs Are Finding Success With This Company.


It is often hard to find a good business opportunity online but when you find one, you sometimes get overwhelmed with the excitement of getting into the right platform. Many companies have come and gone, offering incentives and all that, but standing the test of time can be a big problem for most of these companies. Before latching onto any online business opportunities, it is best you first of all research in depth about the company, the reviews on search engines and collate your data before making the firm decision.

I will be giving my honest opinion about the company i am writing without any bias whatsoever and leave you to decide.

Easy1Up was incorporated in 2016 and supported by a 20 year old company with BBB rating. Set up to empower entrepreneurs from all strata, it established itself to inculcate top notch educational courses that will help business owners to scale up in their businesses. Not many people know how to leverage the internet, and it is important to note that to be really successful in your business, it is imperative to have the basic tools and training to actualize those goals.

“Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it – LAO TZU ”    


As earlier mentioned, Easy1Up offers digital products with over 100 hours of incisive content and training from industry experts with 50 years of experience in the areas of eCommerce, social media marketing, Digital marketing and leadership. Here under are the products they offer:

Elevation –

This opens your mindset on how you can go about your business online, with basic information on how to generate leads, network marketing basics for network marketers, the fundamentals of email marketing and much more.

Elevation Elite –

This goes further with some advanced training in addition to the one above. Here you learn how to go about marketing your brand on social media. Incisive information about Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, introduction to social media marketing and a whole lot. I have come across many entrepreneurs who have confessed to me they don’t have a social media presence and really don’t know how to go about it.

This cuts across to a whole lot facing the same dilemma. This is the information age and i am sure you don’t want to be left behind with new technologies emerging everyday.

Vertex –

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, then i will suggest you take the training. Here they go a step further implementing list building strategies and traffic secrets. It doesn’t come any better than this as you are taken by the hand giving you the much needed details.


Vertex Elite –

Are you planning to set up an eCommerce store or have at a loss on how to generate traffic to your business? Then the training you get from  Vertex elite will broaden your mind and make you hit a home run. Experts in the eCommerce industry breaks it down with drop-shipping strategies giving you enormous traffic sources to enable your brand attain visibility. This is what businesses needs, you need eye balls on your website and business is all about numbers which in turn translates to money.

Vertex Pro –

As an entrepreneur, you’re responsible for a million details, projects and deadlines every day. You’ve figured out what your market wants, how to sell to them and how to deliver your unique value to the world — but executing all of those things perfectly and simultaneously is beyond what anyone can do on his or her own. Building a scalable business is about creating an organization of lasting value that allows you and your team to deliver a powerful promise to your clients, without YOU having to do it all.

This is where Vertex Pro comes in, with top quality training on how to stamp your authority on social media, instagram marketing, blog authority, Facebook Remarketing and much more.

Vertex Live


Easy1up also offers great opportunity for anyone to make money even as you learn. Providing excellent tech and customer support to address and resolve issues makes them stand out. The concept behind the business is simple because you an already done for you system working. From email marketing to follow up on your leads to landing pages for you to use in promoting the business. However, some of the benefits can be seen below for your perusal.



  1. It offers a low start up cost.
  2. you can keep your full time job while planing an exit to retirement.
  3. Members are paid directly keeping 100% commission
  4. low admin fee
  5. one time investment
  6. excellent social media community where members brainstorm
  7. Efficient business model
  8. You can do this Full Time or Part Time
  9. Great Marketing resources


My assertion here does not take away the fact that you shouldn’t do your own research before plunging into doing business with the company. Suffice me to say that, the program has helped a lot entrepreneurs who decided to show dedication and worked their way up to gain success. The challenges facing many entrepreneurs and internet marketers are huge and it is best certain pitfalls are avoided. To guide you on how to propel your business you can read “The Pains Of An Average Internet Marketer” to have a better understanding on how to go about your business online. For more information on how to get started with Easy1Up click on GETTING STARTED WITH EASY1UP.

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