Why is content marketing so important in today’s business environment? Content marketing has very much defined a systematic approach aimed at disseminating valuable, consequential and consistent content for the purpose of attracting and retaining a set of audience. It has become an integral marketing strategy for organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world to harness credibility. It’s importance can not be overemphasized as it has proven to be a major driving force for ROI for companies resulting in digital transformation. Today, we have companies like NETFLIX reportedly in talks to acquire a small Los Angeles-based billboard company called Regency Outdoor Advertising for more than $300 million.

Credence should be given to the fact that over 600 Million tweets are tweeted daily, over 50,000 posts on instagram, not to mention other social media channels like Reddit, Facebook, Google Plus where contents are released daily. Companies have taken this strategy to reach out to their targeted audience by providing information about their services that has served beneficial.

From the sales cycle, to marketing automation, to training material, to standard operating procedure (SOP) documents, almost every step of a business requires a multitude of content creation. Today’s business climate requires daily upload of information in different format, be it in video, blogging, articles, images, every detail has to be top notch as there are lots of competition out there.

Having great content is only half the battle. Incorporating elements of it going viral may be just the push you need to make your content be seen. Having a social media presence is one thing, the crux will be relevant content that shows up on every social media channels. Consumers want to resonate with organizations that provide relevant and valuable content as that goes further to build trust and a healthy relationship. Same thing applies to influencers who want to build trust with their audience. Your content must address consumers wants, needs and interests to draw them to you because they expect to get value that will serve their purpose.

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to earn that credibility by creating messages that demonstrate how your product or service can make a positive difference in the lives of your prospects. Every brand that inculcates content marketing strategy stands a great chance to increase sales, brand awareness and good decision making by their target audience.


The growing trend and acceptability of content marketing will continue to be ahead of any marketing strategy. This is the information age and that means to stay relevant in your space of industry, give your audience what they need and be consistent with it. There is no question about the expertise position it puts you at, boosting your performance on search engines and help drive tons of traffic to your website and social media accounts. However, as much as this strategy is so very important, there are steps to an effective content marketing strategy to enable you attain the much needed success in your business.


  1. Identify Your Audience – It is important to have a buyer person in mind while creating content as that will narrow your target to a specific of consumers. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase with a brand they can identify with, and that begins and ends with that brand showing an understanding of their audience. Identifying your exact buyer person can range from age, gender, interests, behavioral pattern, educational level and income level. It is important that a proper research is done before embarking on creating a content for the general public when in essence it should be well specified.
  2. Content Development – Next thing you want is to create a great content that will can optimized for search engine and that is because you want to be found when your audience search for your business or brand.
  3. Keyword Research – Another important aspect to identify what your potential customers are looking for. Drafting a list of relevant keywords surrounding your brand and any other variations. Integrating these set of keywords into your content will help position you as a trusted brand, thus pronouncing your expertise in your industry and most importantly helping to generate traffic to your website.
  4. Staying Consistent – No brand will want to be lost in this digital space we are in. Competition is fierce and so it demands that relevancy and consistency are fundamental to your success in business.
  5. Track Results – Data tracking on your content is key as this will keep you in the loop on what is effective and what is not. It will in turn guide you on your next approach what to tweak for better results next time.

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