About Me


My name is Wilfred Obi Jr, Founder of PoshnTrendy, a digital marketer and a business coach.

My sojourn as an entrepreneur dates back in 2008 after 9 years of quality service exerting sweat and energy in the corporate world with different organizations. The hunger to be free and independent endeared me to set up my own company (a record label)with no backroom staff in the music industry in 2009. Little did I know that my journey into the entrepreneurial world was going to be a herculean task.


Even though I had a business plan cut out, I had no iota of knowledge on how to run a business, how much more the music business and so I struggled to find my feet with little finance to get it going but all to no avail. So in 2010, a friend introduced me into network marketing and that began my journey into the industry of network marketing.


I basically struggled in my business with little or no result to show for it, lacking the right knowledge and tools to propel my business to the next level but my persistent drive and the willingness to grow through consistent education by mentors in the industry helped  shaped me into who I am today as an online/network marketer. There were moments I wanted to quit, but I refused to be anything less than successful.




I made a critical decision to stay put and make it to the top, become more aggressive and achieve greatness. I decided that I just don’t want to be a leader but a team player who will be willing to give a listening ear and help others who struggling in the industry go big because the truth of the matter is, the industry is going to get bigger. It’s normal for people to celebrate success, but not many people remember the ones who are struggling to make it to the top.


I have had wonderful moments to have associated myself with industry veterans at different times to learn how and what made them successful in their businesses. These are my mentors that have shaped my life, my ideologies about the home business opportunity which not many home business owners know it’s a goldmine.


My mission is help others in the industry still struggling because I know how it is trying to find your trueness to become a pro. The objective is to tenaciously offer value to those who desire more, who want to move from being an amateur to going pro as an online/ network marketer, because the truth of the matter is, more and more businesses are tilting towards the internet and what i call the digital world.


There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.


I believe that no one is under any obligation whatsoever to be the same person he/she was a year ago or even one hour ago, everybody has the right to grow and so my passion is to ensure you get the right tools and training to help your business grow. Who says you can’t make it to the top in this industry? It’s too late to quit now so if you are ready to be a ROCK-STAR click on the button below now.


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