Providing Business Solution Mechanisms for Online and Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

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Specialty: Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Speciality: Social Media Strategiest

Redesigning Business Process through the implementation of social media strategies

Speciality: Strategic Partnerships

Forming Strategic Alliances with purpose oriented entrepreneurs and guiding them through a success journey.

Speciality: New Market Growth

Spear heading new market growth

Increase ROI

Implementing new and innovative procedures to increase ROI

Speciality: Training/Coaching

Training and coaching network/online marketers to scale up in their businesses.

cropped-ceo2.jpgWilfred Obi, Jr is an Online Marketing entrepreneur, a business owner, cryptocurrency enthusiast and a social media strategist.

I started my sojourn as an entrepreneur back in 2010 after putting a decade of work and experience in the setting. Founded a Music Label in partnership with a few friends but closed shop after a little stint in the industry.  His years of experience as an entrepreneur especially in the network and online marketing industry has made him a solution provider, helping individuals and small businesses scale up in their industry. With a philosophy of empowering people, he continuously motivates, coaches and developes: positive business mindsets; generates leads through content marketing strategies; and builds strategic relationships, teams and businesses.
Wilfred Obi Jr. follows a business approach ensuring customer’s needs are understood where standards are set to measure achievement of objectives and focus that direct towards critical success factors with innovative ideas leading the way forward.
Integrity runs throughout Mr. Obi Jr.’s operation and by having and developing the best people in the industry, he can use his expertise to develop solutions to people’s needs.

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