7 Vital Steps To Position Your Brand On Tumblr

7 Vital Steps To Position Your Brand On Tumblr

So many of you may probably have heard about Tumblr or signed up to own an account but never really gave so much importance to it. You are about to discover how to strategically position your brand on Tumblr and attain the much-needed success with insightful details here.  Ranked 62 in the world and 24 in the US. High powerful traffic to generate leads targeted to your business. You get to connect with people that share the same interests as you. A very powerful social media platform that can really. help your business skyrocket.

Things You Need To Know To Position Your Business On Tumblr

First created in 2007 and sold to Yahoo, Tumblr ranks 62 in the world and 24 in the US. Over time, it has shown to be a powerful social media network that generates targeted leads to brands and organization and known to effectively connect with people that share the same interests as you. People all over the world use Tumblr to promote their businesses by connecting with influencers in different industries.

Tumblr has a daily visit of 736 Million users worldwide with a bounce rate of 42.79% which makes it a unique social media network to heavily rely on and very well connects to over 950 top websites. Very easy to use and allows more than 140 characters to be typed as compared to Twitter. It also allows users to post on other social media platforms like twitter, facebook, and even Linkedin and integrates with customization of your miniblog.


Tumblr can add unlimited success to your brand and organization without a doubt.

  • It hosts over 166 Million blogs,
  • Over 97 Million Posts are created every day. 60% of the users who visit this network find most contents fun, engaging and high quality. Nothing can be compared when you realize that most posts and blogs in the social network are very well engaging.
  • 49% of the users of the users are under 45 years of age and 50% of the users who see a sponsored posts go-ahead to research the posts afterward which gives credibility to a lot of brands who engage in sponsored posts.
  • 120,000 new blogs appear on Tumblr every day. 32.44% of the traffic from the United States come from mobile devices, with the UK, Brazil, and Canada having 5.77%, 4.41%, and 4.10% respectively having their traffic from mobile devices.
  • 35% have a household income of 100,000+,
  • 120,000 signups happen every day on Tumblr
  • 21% bought their products from their PC and you have over 180 million unique visitors every month.

Believe me, the contents I found on Tumblr are so rich that I quickly signed up myself to discover so much I never knew about this wonderful platform. As a business owner, I recognize a great opportunity here because there is so much money that can be generated for your business but above all, the quality of content is what gets the attention of most users on this network.


Mini Online Blog – This positions your brand as an authority with the potential of reaching out to millions of visitors. It gives you the ability to develop your brand and engage your followers. The blog is created as a subdomain on Tumblr which you can change anytime. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to be ranked on search engines for easy visibility (yourbusinessname.tumblr.com.) Part of the content that can enable you to communicate effectively with your followers can be done through texts, photos, videos and audios telling them what our business is all about.

Benefits You Get From Tumblr

Tumblr gives you unquantifiable experience.

  1. It helps your blog with search engine optimization getting it indexed by Google and other search engines.
  2. Another area of advantage on Tumblr is, you get traffic as a result of your followers sharing your content.
  3. Helps you integrate with other social media sites.
  4. It is free to sign up to Tumblr with a lot of advantage to capitalize on.
  5. It can be connected to google analytics account,
  6. it helps businesses enlarge their network due to an established relationship.
  7. You can create an entire website inside of it, inserting HTML codes and change your URL to a separate domain name without dealing with hosting and file transfer.

Steps To A Successful Tumblr Marketing

Hereunder are important steps to take to have a successful Tumblr marketing.

  1. Research your market– clarify what your goals are, what kind of audience do you want to reach. meaning you need to have a buyer persona to give you your ideal customer audience and now approach your business from that angle. Know how much you charge them for your services, how do they reach out to have access to information about the product. so you identify whether to focus on video, audio or photos. who are your competitors and what are they doing differently that you are not offering? special discounts and many more. This is a social platform with millions of people with human needs.
  2. Create a blog
  3. Customize your blog – build a blog from the scratch without the headache of using codes. use a free theme to help customize the blog. Describe your business purpose and let them know in just a few seconds, use images what the consumers want, use colors or logos of your brand or yourself
  4. Create the about page – where you explain what your business and services are all about. share your vision, mission and company URL. focus on their benefits and not what you stand to gain.
  5. Post by getting the word out – text, photos, quotes, link, chat fun, audio by uploading an mp3, video. Post something of value. you can reblog another post. get recognized. once you post, all your followers see what you post and can trigger a viral effect when they repost it. Take note of that cause that will increase visibility.
  6. Marketing tools – These powerful tools are what you need to gain authority on Tumblr. Post, messages, mobile, advertise and measures. Your ability to post quality content is vital to the success of your brand. A post can range from text, audio, video, quote, and chat are some of the features you can find in your dashboard to communicate your ideologies. Be sure to add tags to your posts as it will help enable your follower and other users to find the post. You can measure the activity of your post through Google analytics, tracking post views, notes, and followers. and better understand your customers.
  7. Getting Followers – Without followers or leads, you definitely have no reason being in business. It is easy to add followers to your brand.
  • Follow Blogs
  • Ask to follow back
  • Clone your popular post
  • Reblog other popular posts
  • Follow your contacts

People are willing to follow you back if you ask them to. This you can do by sending an email to them and they will surely respond. Make sure you verify your account for easy access to all the features. The most important is to have a lot of interactions on the network. Another great thing is to reblog other popular posts. This will signal your follower who will, in turn, re-post the same blog.

In Conclusion

Tumblr is a very easy network to manage, it has hit the market to stay and has helped millions of brands to strategically gain sustainable advantage. If you are new to social media marketing and contemplating how to position your business, I strongly suggest you latch on this social media network and capitalize on the growing marketing.