The Shocking Revelations Facebook Knows About You, That You Don’t Know

The Shocking Revelations Facebook Knows About You, That You Don’t Know

There is an African adage that says “what you don’t know will do you no harm, but the moment you know about it, it begins to wear you down. The existence of facebook has been a great platform that has helped connect friends and family and getting businesses attain success with great return on investment, but not many people know how much information Facebook have on them even yours faithfully writing this.

My recent download of my file on all my activities on Facebook really got me bewildered as i found past data dating back to 2008 saved by this giant social media company. With a few clicks, i found out about advertising companies i never came across with or planned to do business with number over 200 of them. Facebook also has an entire phone book of all my contacts as a result of uploading the Facebook messenger app.

Facebook network is so powerful that i realized it knows so much about me than i do know about the platform. Having come across the privacy policy brouhaha that has engulfed public users in recent times, i decided to dig deep to actually ascertain how my data was stored over the past years. How Facebook still keeps data of people you have deleted is amazing. After downloading the zip file, i saw a list of files from videos, messages, to the index file which is by all standard the most important file to navigate. Videos and messages from the year i joined Facebook were all still being retained. What struck me were videos that were shared by friends of friends either through Facebook messenger of the timeline still got stored.

What Facebook retained about me isn’t remotely as creepy as the sheer number of advertisers that have my information in their databases. Going further in the Ad section of my Facebook file, i saw numerous advertising companies i had no business with, showing up. It showed advertisers i have shown interest in respect to when i clicked on their Ads. What i didn’t understand were advertising companies who uploaded a contact list with my info after my email must have be shared somehow. What business do i have with companies like Ball in the Family, Big Lots, I want my Phone Back, Marcelo M12 and the likes? Facebook can learn almost anything about you by using artificial intelligence to analyze your behavior.

When internet users venture to other sites, Facebook can still monitor what they are doing with software like its ubiquitous “Like” and “Share” buttons, and something called Facebook Pixel — invisible code that’s dropped onto the other websites that allows that site and Facebook to track users’ activity.
The social media network has a track of places you have been to, through the location tracker. It keeps data on the the exact time you stopped by at Walmart or the gas station and the next location you intend to go to. They use this information to targets at you. Location data can also reveal people who live in your house or work in the same organization with you even when you are not connected to them on Facebook. They have ways of tracking your offline purchases as well through the credit card which is matched to the one you added to your Facebook account and starts showing you Ads in relation to the brand you had a transaction with.

Have you ever wondered how “people you may know” shows up on your Facebook friend requests? This pops up as a result of the contacts you have in your phone book, so the use of location data can be used to send friend request to you. Facebook can learn almost anything about you by using artificial intelligence to analyze your behavior. Learn how artificial intelligence can be applied in helping small business owners – 5 ways AI can help small business owners.

The social media network still provides great value for organizations and business owners, it is also imperative to guide users on how to protect themselves from any privacy violation of some sort.